You Want To Track Team Mood? Easy, Just Use This Free Template

Posted on Fri, Oct 15, 2021

You Want To Track Team Mood? Easy, Just Use This Free Template

You Want To Track Team Mood? Easy, Just Use This Free Template

We all know that being in an office environment can sometimes be toxic, but what about working remotely?

With no one to bounce ideas off of or share your wins with, it’s easy for things to get lost in translation.

It turns out that the work-life balance for remote workers is just as important as it is for employees who are on site.

It’s crucial for all employees to know how they’re feeling and what they need in order to maintain their sanity while working solo from home or on the road.

And that starts by tracking your mood

How to track your mood ย 

There are various ways of finding out how you are feeling.

You can use Mood Tracking Apps like Daylio, or Moodflow.

The downside is, that these solutions might have ads that interfere with your experience.

Especially when you are starting out and trying to build a habit around mood tracking you will want to have a quick and easy solution.


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This is why I have prepared a template for you to implement today.

Screenshot of template

With this easy-to-use Google Sheet, you can track your mood over the course of a whole month.

You can share it with your whole team, so everyone can track their mood and have a clearer understanding of which emotions are developing over the course of a month.

Google Sheets Mood Tracker - Template - Download Link

In case you want to have the information stored locally, you can easily download the sheet as an excel via

File -> Download -> PDF


As a remote worker, you may not have the same daily interactions with your co-workers that an office environment provides.

This can make it hard to notice when something is off in your life or if thereโ€™s been a change in how you feel about work.

In order to maintain good mental health and prevent burnout, I recommend taking time for yourself each day.

One way to do this is by keeping a journal of how you feel throughout the different stages of the workday- from morning commute all the way through dinner at home after wrapping up emails on your laptop.

This free template will help track what’s going well and what might need some improvement without having to worry about anything else!

Download this template today so you don’t forget to take care of this important task.

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